More than just a prepaid card,
We bring people together

With the Next Step Card you can…

Create your own rules

This is your money and you deserve to make the rules. We provide you the program to do so.
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Build trust and independence

Have open conversations with your   about their spending.
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See the real deal

Tired of giving money for groceries and finding out it went to  ? Now you can know exactly where your money is going.
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Take a sigh of relief

We provide you with peace of mind about where your money is going by giving you full transparency and control.
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Perfect for Families

I believe the Next Step Card is the most sophisticated tool that we have right now. The Next Step card allows you to define where the card will work, when the card will work, and how much will be spent. It is responsive, can be accessed in seconds, and sends alerts according to the users definition.

Adrienne C. - Next Step Family Account Holder

Ideal for Organizations

The Next Step Card has truly revolutionized the way that incidental money is dispersed to clients at our treatment center. The vast array of controls and options allows us to design and control our very own program.

Max R –Northbound Treatment


How can we help you?

On one side of the card is a deeply concerned person who wants to help someone in need. On the other side, there is someone who needs to be able to buy food and clothes, to live in the real world, without putting themselves in danger. Our organizations and our families can't be with us all time time, but with [Next Step’s] vision, each person can have the support they need, 24/7.

Adrienne C. (Daughter Who Manages Mother)

Eliminating access to cash
Setting spending limits by day, week, and/or month
View transactions in real time
Create hard budgets by merchant types
Blocking Merchant categories or specific stores
Setting a curfew
Managing multiple people at once
Real time alerts

Standard Pricing

  • Family Plan
  • Card Purchase Fee $4.95 per card
    Waived til June 2016
    Monthly Fee $9.95 per card
    Fetup Fee Free

Family Pricing Details
  • Organizational Plan
  • Card Purchase Fee $4.95 per card
    Waived til June 2016
    Monthly Fee $9.95 per card
    Setup Fee $500.00
    Waived til June 2016

Organization Pricing Details

Why People Like Us

Our Story

Next Step Network, LLC, in partnership with the Treatment Research Institute, is a provider of products and programs to help people improve behaviors and live healthy lifestyles. Next Step was founded in Boca Raton, Florida by a group of individuals who saw there were no payment options that helped people protect their money and teach financial responsibility by imposing barriers to impulsive and excessive spending.

The Next Step Prepaid MasterCard program was originally created for the behavioral healthcare industry as a way to help organizations in the space give their clients a life skills tool to improve behaviors. The program, which has been tested, implemented and approved by the nation’s leading experts in the behavioral healthcare field, is now available to all people in the United States to assist them in providing financial support with boundaries. Next Step’s team is driven to help people move forward.

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