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Managing Client Funds has Never Been Easier


Set merchant restrictions, curfews, and spending limits that best align with your organization’s goals.


Track cardholder spending in real time and receive customized reports to gauge progress.


Disburse money to hundreds of cardholders at once while removing the time and liability of handling cash.

Card Features

  • No Access to Cash
  • Block/Unblock Merchant Categories
  • Block/Unblock Specific Merchants
  • Set Curfew for Spending
  • Real Time Transaction Tracking
  • Set Daily/Weekly Spending Limits
  • Limit Number of Transactions per Month

Next Step puts you in Control

Administrative Features

Setup multiple administrators and control access levels for each.

Setup programs for multiple locations under the same legal entity.

Seamlessly distribute funds for hundreds of people at once.

Bulk or Personalized Card Ordering.

Set and change custom restrictions for your whole organization or for each individual cardholder.

Home Screen Dashboard and detailed reporting.

How Next Step Benefits Your Organization

Eliminate Cash & Limit Liability

The Next Step Card removes the danger of keeping large sums of cash on-site.No more worrying about accounting errors, theft, or misplacing clients funds.

Increase Client Retention

Studies show that by removing cash and setting restrictions for a person struggling with addiction increases the likelihood they will complete their stay at your organization.

Provide a Valuable Life-skills Tool

The Next Step Card is a structured program that allows the cardholder’s tobuild a foundation, while teaching them how to budget and control impulsiveand compulsive spending behaviors


Our pricing structure is simple and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

Card Order Monthly Fee
$4.95 each $9.95 per active card

What they’re saying about us…

  • The greatest part of the program are the people who run it.  This is a labor of love for them and they truly care about the recovering person as well as the family.  They literally are always there to answer questions and provide support beyond the functionality of the Card.  This program has been instrumental to my son’s recovery.

    Scott Z.
  • I think this card and it's concept are genius!  It allows the user dignity without the encumbrances of setting his/her own limits that could trigger mis-use of the funds and subsequently a relapse.  It works!  I'm grateful that Eric came up with this wonderful idea and it should be the "card of choice" for all recovering people.

    Loretta S.
  • The Next Step Card has been a great tool for us as my son works his recovery program.  It allows us to give him the freedom to use a debit card while keeping him accountable for what he spends.

    Rosemary C.
  • The Next Step Card is an excellent concept. My husband and I felt very comforted by a card that allowed our daughter to have access to funds that kept those funds - controlled. The fact that the card cannot be used at tatoo parlors or access cash from ATM's is the best thing when you have a child or family member with any addiction problem.

    Dana P.

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